Don Grant Lecture – Dr Tanja Luckins

2005 Dr Tanja LUCKINS

2005 Don Grant Family History Lecture: Their Family Histories Liveth for Evermore: Remembering the Great War

Dr Tanja Luckins is a La Trobe University historian whose main interests are in cultural history and memory and the intersection of life-stories and history. She is the author of The Gates of Memory: Australian People’s Experiences and Memories of Loss and the Great War (2004); and co-editor of GO! Melbourne in the Sixties (2005) and Dining on Turtles: Food, Feasts and Drinking in History (2007). She is currently writing a history of the pub in Australia with Diane Kirkby.

Read Tanja’s presentation – taken from The Don Grant Family History Lectures 1997-2006, published by VAFHO in 2008.