Don Grant Lecture – Prof Patricia Grimshaw

2009 Prof Patricia GRIMSHAW [source ]
2009 Don Grant Family History Lecture: Family History & Women’s History: Critical Intersections

Professor Patricia Grimshaw is a Professorial Research Fellow in the School of Historical Studies at the University of Melbourne where since 1977 she taught Australian, Pacific & United States history. She has undertaken extensive work in gender history and was co-founder of Women Studies at the University. In 1985 she co-edited Families in Colonial Australia and in 1999 co-edited a special edition of the Women’s History Review, ‘Revisiting Motherhood: New Histories of the Public and Private’. She authored/ce-edited Women’s Rights and Human Rights: International Perspectives (2001), Creating A Nation (1994/2006) and Britishness Abroad: Transnational Movements and Imperial Cultures (2007).