VAFHO Newsletters

A number of VAFHO Newsletters have been published and distributed over the years.  Looking back at them brings back many memories of VAFHO, VAFHO Activities and VAFHO people.  Generally these newsletters have been called VAFHO VOICE but a few were simply called VAFHO Newsletter.  If you have copies of any newsletters not included in the list below, please contact the Editor.  In the meantime, enjoying reading through our past newsletters.

2005 MarchVAFHO Voice - News Bulletin
2005 AugustVAFHO Voice
2006 JulyVAFHO Voice
2008 MarchVAFHO Voice
2008 JulyVAFHO Voice - President's Message
2009 June / JulyVAFHO Voice
2009 DecemberVAFHO Voice
2011 NovemberVAFHO Voice
2012 JuneVAFHO Voice
2012 SeptemberVAFHO Voice
2013 FebruaryVAFHO Voice
2014 OctoberVAFHO Voice
2015 JuneVAFHO Voice