Victorian Railway Employees

Michael Menzies was the guest speaker at a Geelong Family History Group Meeting in 2019 and is sharing a number of items from his personal Railway History collection. (The image on the right is of the Meredith Railway Station source: State Library of Victoria FL10206652.)

Michael is lending various documents, registers and manuscripts to VAFHO to be scanned, converted to text searchable PDF files, and uploaded to our VAFHO Google Drive.

In the interim, with Michael’s assistance, we have identified the specific Victorian Government Gazettes which included full lists of Railway Employees – these have been downloaded from and converted to fully text searchable PDF files.

The Victorian Railways Report 1884-1886 was provided by Michael as there were many pages of Railway contractors and employees – this is also available for free download.

Michael also intends to share with us a manuscript he is producing which highlights the number of PRIVATE Railways in early Victoria and where there may be some reference to those employees who are not part of the Government Railways employees.

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